When we list your organization, we will add a profile of you on the B1G1 platform. On this page, we will add the countries you operate in, a brief description of your organization, your mission statement, and your contact information, including social media links.

We publish this information based on the details you provide to us in your initial profile form.


When B1G1 Business Members search for projects on the B1G1 platform, they would see a list of colorful project cards. Each project card will have a descriptive title, a high-resolution image and indicate the cost of the smallest impact level. The search filters also allow them to narrow their search by category, country, cost, or even by Sustainable Development Goal. The full project list is publicly available here.


The project title, the short project description and the smallest impact level are the first things that B1G1 Members see when they are choosing the projects to support. B1G1 Members like to support projects that resonate with values important to them or projects that open their eyes to a problem that they did not appreciate before. A clear and detailed description can help them understand why your project is so important.

Each project also has its dedicated page, which would showcase additional information about the project and other similar projects on the B1G1 platform. If you have more background information about the project or its proven outcomes, you can add that into the project details page. Sharing more about your project and the why behind it can form a connection between your work and businesses all over the world – just imagine the ripple effect!

Here are some handy tips and a helpful example to help you create a compelling page about your project:


The title shouldn’t exceed 60 characters (including spaces) and it should follow these guidelines:

- State clearly what your project does
- Avoid exaggerating your impact


Help Rebuild Access to Education after Earthquake


The short description consists of two parts/questions which cannot exceed 600 characters in total.

- Explain the problem(s) you want to solve (200 characters)
- Explain the details of the project and your unique approach (400 characters)

Make sure to explain what this specific project exactly does and avoid being too vague. Also avoid adding general information about your organization but focus on the project at hand.


With over 400 schools destroyed by the earthquakes on Lombok, Indonesia, Classroom of Hope build pop-up schools.

These temporary school structures not only allow children to get back to learning, but they also give children a sense of security and hope. Those pop-up schools provide education for three years for students and have become a safe space for the children of Lombok, where they can come together to learn, play and be kids.

Every pop up school receives valuable and necessary school supplies like desks, chairs, whiteboards, books, pencils, etc.

Other information

The additional project information ideally consists of three parts/questions which cannot exceed 1000 characters.

- Background information around the problem you want to solve
- More details on what you do in this project
- Reached milestones and possible goals

Do not make a copy of what you had included in the short description but include additional details to clarify and explain what you do. Milestones and achievements could either be key statistics of your project or a success story of a beneficiary.

Similar to the short description, it is also important to focus on the details of this specific project and not of your organization.


The Pop Up Schools are earthquake resistant. They are made from light steel frames and wooden boards for walls. Pop Up Schools are being built in rural communities in Northern Lombok that had their permanent school structures destroyed by the earthquakes.

So far, Classroom of Hope’s Pop Up Schools program has built over 100 classrooms and helped nearly 3000 children get back to school after the 2018 earthquakes.

However, there are still many communities in need of support and thousands of children still out of school following the earthquakes, rebuilding all the permanent school structures will take years. The Pop Up Schools are a solution to getting children back into school while permanent structures get built.

Pop Up Schools take 5 days to 1 month to build depending on how many classrooms are required to serve the children of a particular community.

Additional Information

In addition to the main project image, you should provide:

  • 1 video if possible
  • 2 – 3 additional pictures related to the project (minimum dimension of 600x600)

Those additional resources will be added on the project’s dedicated page.


In order to add, remove or edit a project, please fill in this form you can access via your B1G1 Worthy Cause panel and our team will take the necessary steps.

Please note that there are a few criteria a project needs to meet before it can be listed on the B1G1 platform.


As soon as your organization is an approved Worthy Cause of B1G1, you will receive your log in details for our Worthy Cause panel, a platform where you can:

We highly encourage you to utilise the this platform as much as possible. And if you have any questions or suggestions on what you’d like to see or do in the platform, drop us a note at

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