Here in B1G1, we will not only list your project on our platform, but also seek to your work more visible to a broader audience and create a sense of connectedness between you and the B1G1 Business Members supporting your mission. When you join the B1G1 community, we will promote your organization and your projects among our B1G1 Business Members through email and social media. We also continuously place different Worthy Causes in the spotlight, through blog articles or in conversations we have with our Business Members. Therefore, we highly encourage you to share regular updates on your organization and your projects.

The more information you provide us with, the more we can promote you and present your amazing work to the community in various ways.
In other words, help us support you!


In the course of the Annual Review, we will go through the list of projects and the funds your received throughout the previous year. Upon being confirmed for another year, we would request for you to give an update on what your organization hopes to achieve with the received funds. We are not asking for a detailed description what each cent did but we would like to receive an overall update. This update will be shared with the B1G1 Members as well as possibly be added in the Annual Report of B1G1.


Every quarter, you will receive a small reminder from us to submit a project update. While the quarterly update can be related to a specific project, this is not obligatory. You can also submit an update featuring your entire organisation, mission and work. It would be great if you can include images and videos where possible. Quarterly updates can be submitted through this form provided. Alternatively, we are also very happy to support you in writing an update; to do so, you can simply send us your newsletters or reports or you can also send us an email to answering at least two questions from this list. This update will be published in the B1G1 account and will be available to all B1G1 Members.


The B1G1 Business Members are very interested in your work and your organization. We have therefore created a dedicated Facebook group called “B1G1 Worthy Cause Project updates”. This group is aimed to provide a platform for you to share ongoing updates on your organization, your team and your projects and we recommend each Worthy Cause to share an update once a month. You can find more detailed guidelines and examples for updates in our Social Media Guidelines right here.


The B1G1 community continuously hosts online and offline events for its members and you are more than welcome to join in. The paid events often offer a discounted ticket for Worthy Causes too. These events offer you a great opportunity to form connections with the entire B1G1 community and to share more about your work.

We will make sure to invite you to events that might be interesting for you and do check our event calendar regularly too. We hope to see you at one of our events soon!


While we do not share the contact details of the B1G1 Members who give to your projects, rest assured that we acknowledge every single giving that happens on the B1G1 platform, and they are able to learn about your project’s updates through their B1G1 account.

And, if you wish to send an additional thank-you note to everyone who gave to your project, simply let us know and we are more than happy to facilitate that. We, however, do ask to limit those requests to once or twice a year maximum.

You can also indicate on your Worthy Cause profile page if you would be open for site visits or volunteering and pro-bono opportunities. Some of our B1G1 Members would love to visit or volunteer with you while they are travelling to a city near you. However, this is not obligatory, so you do not have to feel pressured to accommodate their requests if it inconveniences your work on the ground.

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