After you have been listed on the B1G1 website for at least one full year, we will conduct an Annual Financial Review. The primary purpose of this review is to confirm that you are still operating effectively, following appropriate governance practices (such as filing audited financial statements), and have not been the subject of material adverse publicity.

The review also provides an opportunity to evaluate how effective the Worthy Cause Program has been for you, in terms of the contributions received in the year and the frequency of communication and updates.

All Worthy Causes are reviewed annually and are expected to meet these criteria to renew:

annual project review

We will also conduct an annual project review to assess the performance of your projects and to revise your project descriptions and impact breakdown if needed. This is to ensure that you are always presenting your work in the best way possible and to follow a common approach for project breakdown, description and photo/video content. After having passed the Annual Financial Review and the Annual Project Review, your organization is confirmed for another year. Congratulations! 🙂

For a detailed explanation of what happens during the Annual Review process, read our Guide and Explanation article.