Welcome to the B1G1 Worthy Cause program


We are so thrilled to welcome you to the B1G1 community, a community that aims to connect wonderful organizations just like yourself and inspiring businesses in order to create a world full of giving.
We want to see a happier world and supporting you in your mission in any way we can brings us all a step closer.

Being a B1G1 Worthy Cause essentially means joining a global movement that offers you the opportunity to receive additional funds for your projects from the global business community so that you can focus more on creating greater impacts with your work.

To help maximize your participation in the B1G1 community, we’ve collated all the important information around the Worthy Cause program below for you.

Take your time to go through each of the sections. You may want to bookmark this page too for future reference. And if you have any questions, then please reach out to giving@b1g1.org anytime.




The B1G1 Movement

B1G1 is a social enterprise and a non-profit organization with a mission to create a world full of giving. Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 helps businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations. And those impacts are made with the help of Worthy Causes like yourself. Our aim is to support and help your organization to keep on doing the amazing work that you do.

The B1G1 Business Members embed giving at the very core of their business and create wonderful giving stories, e.g. every time we get a new client, a child gets access to water for a day or a tree gets planted, etc. B1G1 then aggregates the giving done by all the of the B1G1 Members each month, and tops up the bank charges to ensure that 100% of the giving is delivered to your organisation and the supported projects.

With B1G1’s unique giving model, every business transaction (and as a result, the business’ day-to-day activity) can impact lives for as little as just one cent.

The B1G1 Worthy Cause Program

B1G1 understands the importance of continuous funding for organisations like yours to deliver programs that are truly impactful. The Worthy Cause program aims to provide a regular, supplementary source of funding for these projects with the help of our Business Members, and in so doing, create a happier world. The steps of the program can be separated in three phases:  

Phase 1: Application

It is likely that you have already completed the first phase and that you are an approved B1G1 Worthy Cause. As a recap, these are the steps taken for each Worthy Cause application.    

Phase 2: Getting listed and started

After you are approved as a B1G1 Worthy Cause, you enter the second phase, which is entirely dedicated to welcoming you and getting your organization and your projects listed on the B1G1 platform.    

Phase 3: Ongoing participation and communication

After your organization and your project has been listed on B1G1, you will start receiving funds from the B1G1 Business Community. There are also some important milestones throughout your participation in the Worthy Cause program to take note of:  

Annual Review and Confirmation


Annual Review

After you have been listed on the B1G1 website for at least one full year, we will conduct an Annual Financial Review. The primary purpose of this review is to confirm that you are still operating effectively, following appropriate governance practices (such as filing audited financial statements), and have not been the subject of material adverse publicity. The review also provides an opportunity to evaluate how effective the Worthy Cause Program has been for you, in terms of the contributions received in the year and the frequency of communication and updates. All Worthy Causes are reviewed annually and are expected to meet these criteria to renew:

  • Able to provide latest annual report and audited financial statement
  • Acknowledges remittance promptly
  • Website is updated
  • Program scope has not changed
  • Does not have negative Google search results (on the organisation, staff or Board Members) without a satisfactory explanation
  • Communication turnaround <7 days
  • Activities are not associated with evangelism
  • Has raised more than US$2,500 in the last year
  • Provided regular project updates (minimum one update per quarter)


Annual Project Review

We will also conduct an annual project review to assess the performance of your projects and to revise your project descriptions and impact breakdown if needed. This is to ensure that you are always presenting your work in the best way possible and to follow a common approach for project breakdown, description and photo/video content. After having passed the Annual Financial Review and the Annual Project Review, your organization is confirmed for another year. Congratulations! 🙂

For a detailed explanation of what happens during the Annual Review process, read our Guide and Explanation article.


Your Worthy Cause Profile

When we list your organization, we will add a profile of you on the B1G1 platform. On this page, we will add the countries you operate in, a brief description of your organization, your mission statement, and your contact information, including social media links.

We publish this information based on the details you provide to us in your initial profile form.

Searching Projects in B1G1

When B1G1 Business Members search for projects on the B1G1 platform, they would see a list of colorful project cards. Each project card will have a descriptive title, a high-resolution image and indicate the cost of the smallest impact level. The search filters also allow them to narrow their search by category, country, cost, or even by Sustainable Development Goal. The full project list is publicly available here.

Project Listing

The project title, the short project description and the smallest impact level are the first things that B1G1 Members see when they are choosing the projects to support. B1G1 Members like to support projects that resonate with values important to them or projects that open their eyes to a problem that they did not appreciate before. A clear and detailed description can help them understand why your project is so important.

Each project also has its dedicated page, which would showcase additional information about the project and other similar projects on the B1G1 platform. If you have more background information about the project or its proven outcomes, you can add that into the project details page. Sharing more about your project and the why behind it can form a connection between your work and businesses all over the world – just imagine the ripple effect!

Here are some handy tips and a helpful example to help you create a compelling page about your project:


The title shouldn’t exceed 60 characters (including spaces) and it should state clearly what your project does.

Help Rebuild Access to Education after Earthquake


Short description

The short description consists of two parts/questions which cannot exceed 600 characters in total.

  • Explain the problem(s) you want to solve (200 characters)
  • Explain the details of the project and your unique approach (400 characters)

Make sure to explain what this specific project exactly does and avoid being too vague. Also avoid adding general information about your organization but focus on the project at hand.

With over 400 schools destroyed by the earthquakes on Lombok, Indonesia, Classroom of Hope build pop-up schools. These temporary school structures not only allow children to get back to learning, but they also give children a sense of security and hope. Those pop-up schools provide education for three years for students and have become a safe space for the children of Lombok, where they can come together to learn, play and be kids. Every pop up school receives valuable and necessary school supplies like desks, chairs, whiteboards, books, pencils, etc.


Additional project information

The additional project information ideally consists of three parts/questions which cannot exceed 1000 characters.

  • Background information around the problem you want to solve
  • More details on what you do in this project
  • Reached milestones and possible goals

Do not make a copy of what you had included in the short description but include additional details to clarify and explain what you do. Milestones and achievements could either be key statistics of your project or a success story of a beneficiary.

Similar to the short description, it is also important to focus on the details of this specific project and not of your organization.

The Pop Up Schools are earthquake resistant. They are made from light steel frames and wooden boards for walls. Pop Up Schools are being built in rural communities in Northern Lombok that had their permanent school structures destroyed by the earthquakes. So far, Classroom of Hope’s Pop Up Schools program has built over 100 classrooms and helped nearly 3000 children get back to school after the 2018 earthquakes.
However, there are still many communities in need of support and thousands of children still out of school following the earthquakes, rebuilding all the permanent school structures will take years. The Pop Up Schools are a solution to getting children back into school while permanent structures get built. Pop Up Schools take 5 days to 1 month to build depending on how many classrooms are required to serve the children of a particular community.


Project images

In addition to the main project image, you should provide:

  • 2 – 3 additional pictures related to the project (minimum dimension of 600x600)
  • 1 video if possible

Those additional resources will be added on the project’s dedicated page.


Costs of project and impact breakdown

When you provide the costs for your projects, it is important to break it down in smaller impact units. Those units can either be based on a certain timeframe, e.g. access for a day/week/month/year or based on an item, e.g. a meal, a school bag.

B1G1 believes in the power of small and believes that every small giving can have a huge impact. Our B1G1 Members are mainly small- and medium-sized businesses that want to make a difference by giving habitually and not only once-off. Funding an entire education program at once might be challenging but every business can easily provide access to education for a day.


  • Provide access to education for one day
  • Provide access to education for one week
  • Provide access to education for one month
  • Provide access to education for one year


Adding/Removing/Editing Projects

In order to add, remove or edit a project, please fill in the form you can access via your B1G1 Worthy Cause panel and our team will take the necessary steps.

Please note that there are a few criteria a project needs to meet before it can be listed on the B1G1 platform.

  • The project should run longer than 3 years.
  • The project must have an annual budget of more than US$50,000.
  • The project needs to directly impact one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The activity of this project is regular and ongoing.
  • The main aim of the project is not the funding of your organisation’s operation costs.
  • The project does not support a specific faith or belief-system.
  • The impact of the project needs to be clear and shouldn’t be a grouping of several smaller projects.
  • It should be possible to break down the project in smaller units and impact levels that are either based on days/weeks/month/years of access or based on the item that is provided.
  • You can provide statistics or insights on the direct impact of this project.
  • Ideally, the project should benefit more than 100 beneficiaries.
  • Ideally, the project can be broken down into a smallest unit which costs less than $10.
  • Ideally, the project is scalable when additional funds are raised.

Project Panel/Dashboard

As soon as your organization is an approved Worthy Cause of B1G1, you will receive your log in details for our Worthy Cause panel, a platform where you can:

  • manage your profile and bank details
  • analyse the statistics of the contributions you received
  • request the edit, removal, or addition of projects.

We highly encourage you to utilise the this platform as much as possible. And if you have any questions or suggestions on what you’d like to see or do in the platform, drop us a note at giving@b1g1.org.


Remittance Schedule

Remittances of contributions to Worthy Causes are done once a month (towards the end of each month). All giving contributions are first accumulated in B1G1 Giving’s bank account. When the total contributions towards a Worthy Cause reaches a minimum of US$500, the Worthy Cause gets added to the month’s remittance list. This is to ensure that each remittance to the Worthy Cause is substantial and to avoid incurring disproportionately high bank charges if small amounts were remitted.

When you receive the remittance, the amount will be automatically converted into your own currency by your local bank (conversion rates vary depending on the bank you are using).

Every remittance will be accompanied by a remittance advice that details the distribution of the contributions to the respective projects you have listed. Acknowledging the advice gives your confirmation that the funds will be distributed according to the breakdown summarised on the advice.

Remittance Confirmation

As a Worthy Cause organisation, you have an important obligation to spend the funds you received on the specific project you received them for within 3 to 6 months. An exception to this time frame is possible under special circumstances. Please get in touch with us if you require such an exception.

As mentioned above, every remittance comes with a remittance advice. After you have received the funds, please sign and return the remittance advice to us as soon as possible for our records. We will only schedule the following remittance to you after receipt of the previous signed advice.

Utilising Funds

Your principal obligation is to apply the donated funds to the intended projects within three to six months of your receipt of the fund. You also have utilise the funds only for the projects that they were intended for as these are restricted funds

At B1G1, we also have a responsibility to ensure that the funds our members commit are utilised for the projects they have chosen. In the remittance advice that you will receive, there is a breakdown of the funds that each project has received. 

All our Worthy Causes are required to acknowledge that they have received the funds and will be allocating it based on the breakdown on the summary and we do not send the next remittance until the previous one has been acknowledged. This is so we can ensure accountability for all the funds that our members give to these projects.


Periodic Project Updates

Here in B1G1, we will not only list your project on our platform, but also seek to your work more visible to a broader audience and create a sense of connectedness between you and the B1G1 Business Members supporting your mission. When you join the B1G1 community, we will promote your organization and your projects among our B1G1 Business Members through email and social media. We also continuously place different Worthy Causes in the spotlight, through blog articles or in conversations we have with our Business Members. Therefore, we highly encourage you to share regular updates on your organization and your projects. The more information you provide us with, the more we can promote you and present your amazing work to the community in various ways. In other words, help us in supporting you. 🙂  

Annual Project Updates

In the course of the Annual Review, we will go through the list of projects and the funds your received throughout the previous year. Upon being confirmed for another year, we would request for you to give an update on what your organization hopes to achieve with the received funds. We are not asking for a detailed description what each cent did but we would like to receive an overall update. This update will be shared with the B1G1 Members as well as possibly be added in the Annual Report of B1G1.  

Quarterly Project Updates

Every quarter, you will receive a small reminder from us to submit a project update. While the quarterly update can be related to a specific project, this is not obligatory. You can also submit an update featuring your entire organisation, mission and work. It would be great if you can include images and videos where possible. Quarterly updates can be submitted through this form provided. Alternatively, we are also very happy to support you in writing an update; to do so, you can simply send us your newsletters or reports or you can also send us an email to giving@b1g1.org answering at least two questions from this list. This update will be published in the B1G1 account and will be available to all B1G1 Members.

Monthly Project Updates

The B1G1 Business Members are very interested in your work and your organization. We have therefore created a dedicated Facebook group called “B1G1 Worthy Cause Project updates”. This group is aimed to provide a platform for you to share ongoing updates on your organization, your team and your projects and we recommend each Worthy Cause to share an update once a month. You find more detailed guidelines and examples for updates in our Social Media Guidelines right here.


The B1G1 community continuously hosts online and offline events for its members and you are more than welcome to join in. The paid events often offer a discounted ticket for Worthy Causes too. These events offer you a great opportunity to form a connection with the entire B1G1 community and to share more about your work.

We will make sure to invite you to events that might be interesting for you and do check our event calendar regularly too. We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Connecting with B1G1 Business Members

While we do not share the contact details of the B1G1 Members who give to your projects, rest assured that we acknowledge every single giving that happens on the B1G1 platform, and they are able to learn about your project’s updates through their B1G1 account.

And, if you wish to send an additional thank-you note to everyone who gave to your project, simply let us know and we are more than happy to facilitate that. We, however, do ask to limit those requests to once or twice a year maximum.

You can also indicate on your Worthy Cause profile page if you would be open for site visits or volunteering and pro-bono opportunities. Some of our B1G1 Members would love to visit or volunteer with you while they are travelling to a city near you. However, this is not obligatory, so you do not have to feel pressured to accommodate their requests if it inconveniences your work on the ground.


The B1G1 Worthy Cause team is always more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Just reach out to giving@b1g1.org  and let us know what you need help with.

We also organise regular Worthy Cause Update calls throughout the year. Keep an eye on your inbox so that you don’t miss the invitation.


Here are some useful quick links that you may need throughout your Worthy Cause program journey. These links are also available in the ‘Resources’ – section of the Worthy Cause Panel.